VIP Small Group Colosseum Tour

  • 3 hrs
  • 13
  • Flexible Travel Due to limited ticket sales and the allocation of a single ticket linked to each person, All sales on Colosseum products are final.
  • Flexible Travel Due to limited ticket sales and the allocation of a single ticket linked to each person, All sales on Colosseum products are final.
  • 13
  • 3 hrs
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Step Straight Inside the Colosseum on this Immersive Tour


  • Skip-the-line tickets to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum
  • Fluent, licensed guide

Tour Description

Join a small group (max 13 guests) of like-minded travellers and explore the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with an expert, licensed guide. Our VIP Colosseum tour is perfect for travellers looking for a more personalised experience, as in the intimacy of a small group you can be sure all your questions will be answered.

Step straight inside the Colosseum with skip-the-line tickets

After meeting your guide by the Arch of Constantine, in the shadow of the ancient amphitheatre, you’ll step straight inside the Colosseum with your priority access tickets. Our expert storyteller will guide you through the rich history of Rome’s most iconic monument.

Discover which animals the Romans caged beneath the Colosseum and how they transported them up onto the arena sands. Recreate the architectural ingenuity of the Colosseum’s hypogeum (underground chamber) and retractable arena floor. And climb up to the Colosseum’s upper-levels, where you’ll learn all about the social status of its spectators, discover the gory norms of ancient entertainment, and geek out on the cult games and gladiatorial combat that thrilled its crowds. 

Stepping outside the Colosseum, we’ll then walk along the ancient Via Sacra (Sacred Way), a route taken by triumphant generals celebrating their victories, and climb the Palatine Hill.

Climb the Palatine Hill for a picturesque view over the Forum

The Palatine is the most picturesque of Rome’s Seven Hills, and was the site on which Romulus founded the city in the 8th century BC. As Rome transformed from Republic to Empire, the Palatine Hill became the Beverley Hills of the ancient world. This tour will guide you through the ruins of the imperial families’ luxurious palaces and wow you with stories of their scandals and intrigues.

Our final stop is the Roman Forum, the beating heart of ancient Rome. Venture through the commercial and cultural centre of the imperial capital and follow the footsteps of the emperors and legionaries alike. Your friendly expert guide will be at hand the whole time to answer all your questions to make sure you get the most out of your small group Colosseum tour.

Our small group Colosseum tour goes is personalised to your own pace

Our pace is comfortable and leisurely, which means that this tour is appropriate for guests of all ages and fitness levels. The tour lasts about 3 hours, giving you more than enough time to explore. Best of all, because you’re in the intimacy of a small group you can ask your expert guide all the questions and recommendations you like for the rest of your stay in Rome!

If you want to gain access to the restricted areas of the Colosseum, check out our Colosseum Underground Tour or Colosseum Night Tour!

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  • Includes skip-the-line tickets worth €18.00 with access to the Palatine Hill & Roman Forum
  • Discover three must-see sites in one tour!

Meet beneath the Arch of Constantine

Meet in the shadow of the emperor Constantine’s ancient triumphal arch.


Explore the world’s most iconic ancient amphitheatre and discover its stories and secrets.

Palatine Hill

Climb the picturesque Palatine Hill, the site upon which Rome was founded.

Roman Forum

Your tour finishes in the Roman Forum, the bustling centre of the ancient world’s mightiest empire.

Explore the Roman Forum

Discover the temples, basilicas and triumphal arches at the centre of antiquity’s most powerful empire.

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Know Before You Go

  • Please be in the area 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time
  • Look out for a member of our team holding a Carpe Diem Rome sign
  • Our Colosseum guided tour will operate whatever the weather! We do not offer refunds
  • Only small bags will be allowed inside
  • Prohibited items include scissors, pocket knives, aerosols and liquids, even if less than 100ml (except for water)
  • Please bring/wear: comfortable walking shoes, a jacket or umbrella if rain is forecast, and a water bottle
  • Colosseum tickets & Palatine Hill and Roman Forum tickets are included

Please note: We will either start with the Colosseum or the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill depending on the time of tickets we are able to purchase.

Due to limited ticket sales and the allocation of a single ticket linked to each person, All sales on Colosseum products are final.